Tourism dept trains guides for Mahakumbh

Don't worry if you're planning to be a part of the Mahakumbh but are unfamiliar with customs and geography of the region or historical relevance of the mega event. By the time you visit, the tourism department would have trained 250 young, smart and soft-spoken volunteers to help you get around and answer all your queries pertaining to Sangam city and the Mahakumbh.
The department is gearing up to receive crores of visitors, including about 60,000 tourists from foreign countries with the Mahakumbh commencing on January 14, 2013. The guides being trained would be granted a year's licence for Allahabad city by the department, which may later be renewed.
Tourism Information Officer (Institute of Tourism Management, Lucknow), Vishal Srivastava told TOI that the training is being imparted to five batches of 50 guides each. He said the first batch has already been trained between August 27 and September 2, and training for the second batch is underway. The third, fourth and fifth batch would be imparted training between September 24 and November 3.
Srivastava said the guides are being groomed with respect to their body language and communication skills so that they leave a lasting impression on the visitors. They are also being taught about the tourism industry and guiding skills. Most importantly, they are being briefed about Allahabad as well as places of interest, culture, craft, and tradition in the city apart from the Kumbh and Sangam traditions. Guides are also being trained in providing first aid.
"If a guide knows a foreign language, it would be an added advantage for him as he can serve a wider audience," said Srivastava, adding, "Apart from the guides, the department would also train policemen, home-guards, porters and vendors and in view of Mahakumbh."
Sources said the tourism department has a set the target of imparting training to about 4,300 people who would directly be interacting with or facilitating tourists during the Mahakumbh.
Officials told TOI that the training is being imparted under a State assisted programme called "Hunar par Rozgar" and is basically a skill development exercise. The programme is meant for people with limited means of learning who need to acquire skills for employment.

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