Elaborate security by NCR for Mahakumbh

As a part of preparations for Mahakumbh, the North Central Railway is making elaborate security measures for the passengers who will visit the city.

During Mahakumbh, Allahabad division will be divided into four sectors wherein various RPF personnel would be posted. The first sector will cover Allahabad area, second will include Subedarganj, Kanpur and Tundla, third will include Sangam area while in the last sector will cover Naini, Vindhyachal, Mirzapur and Chunar.

An officer of the rank of senior divisional security commissioner will function as mela security officer. To control any untoward incident, CCTVs will be installed at various locations at the station including booking counters, circulating area, parking stand, Passenger Reservation System (PRS).

CCTVs will also be installed in the enclosures set to accommodate the passengers. In addition, security control rooms will be set up at Allahabad station, Subedarganj station, Naini junction, Sangam area and Vindhyachal.

An array of assistant security commissioner, inspectors, sub inspectors, assistant sub inspectors, head constables and constables would be posted at vital installations during Mahakumbh.

In the first sector of Allahabad region, there would be about 700 RPF personnel.

These would include two assistant security commissioners, 10 inspectors, 20 sub-inspectors, 30 assistant sub-inspectors, 150 head constables and 500 constables.

In the third sector of Sangam, there would be one inspector, 2 sub-inspector, 5 assistant sub-inspector, 20 head constables and 70 constables. In the fourth sector comprising Naini, Vindhyachal, Mirzapur and Chunar, there would be an assistant security commissioner, 5 inspectors, 15 sub-inspectors, 20 assistant sub-inspectors, 75 head constables and 350 constables.

However, in the sector 2 covering Subedarganj, Kanpur and Tundla, there would be an assistant security commissioner, 2 inspectors, 10 sub-inspectors, 15 assistant sub-inspectors, 44 head constables and 175 constables.

RPF personnel would guard cash and booking offices, guarding parcels/packages on platforms and sidings. Further, RPF also guard stores and other property apart from cloak rooms, money changing offices, mela rakes and other rolling stocks on various stations.

NCR chief public relations officer Sandeep Mathur said security of passengers coming to Allahabad would be paramount during Mahabkumbh. Various CCTVs would be installed at Allahabad junction and other stations. Additional force will also be called to enhance the security at the station. Further, railways would co-operate with GRP for ensuring security to the passengers.

Meanwhile, District Magistrate Raj Shekhar on Tuesday inspected the progress in construction of the Alopibagh flyover, Kumbh entry gates and rail over-bridge in Jhunsi.

He further directed officials to speed up the projects so that they are completed on time.

While inspecting the Alopibagh flyover project, the DM viewed the project map. Project Manager of the Bridge Corporation apprised the DM that the project worth Rs 2,965 lakh is expected to be completed by October 15.

He also told the DM that the main part of the work is complete and the entire construction would be complete by October 15.

The DM also inspected the Kumbh entry gate which was under construction at Badalganj on Reewa road.

It was said that four 'kalash-es' (urns) would be installed at the upper portion of the entry gate and that each urn costs about Rs 1.5 lakh. Around Rs 46 lakh would be spent on the construction of the entry gate and it would be complete by November 30. The construction work was started on May 5, 2012.

The DM also inspected the rail over-bridge in Jhunsi, a project worth Rs 9.52 crore. He also inspected another entry gate being constructed at Sarpatipur, Andhawa at a cost of Rs 46 lakh.

Courtesy : Times of India, 12 Sept. 2012

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