Proposed 18 Pantoon Bridge and 180 Km. Roads for Kumbh Mela 2013

For the celebration Mahakumba. A layout of grand city is building in the bank of Sangam at Allahabad.It is founded in physical survey A huge voluminous piligramate will come in Mahakumba.There is number of Asianao are building for them.In this mega Event 18 pontoon bridges and 180km road to be built.January 14, 2013 due to the Maha Kumbh Mela will be the beginning. To land after the survey report has been sent to rule the land.The layout will be the final preparation work by June 30.The 18 Pontoon bridge to be built in  mega-event. Mahakumbh Meladikari Mani Prasad Mishra said that the construction of  bridges and roads are working on.They are using cutting edges technology in laying plates charkad Mahakumbh convenience of devotees in the wake of the latest technology to replace old Charkad lash Charkad plates plates is proposed to be laid.The practice is built on the black road.The vehicles are also likely to be kept crashing when they passed the plates being added by charked clam are piled up.This time equipped with cutting-edge technology has been decided to lay Charkad plates.The rehearsals are going on. PWD Carydayi institution prior to its sandy paths laid out by the army of the plates showed that the these plates will not be suitable for laid out on the sandy paths and it will goes to overbuget. The IIT BHU suggested Charked plate that is double steel plates and nut will be tight to each other.Being laid out on the road today Charkad black plates were examined by the Divisional Commissioner, Devesh Chaturvedi and Meladikari.Charkad plates he inquired about the quality and maintenance.Mahakumbh to review preparations for the fair administration chief Akhilesh Yadav on June 11 that the authorities of the impending cyclone. The report will show the progress of work at the meeting, which has created a buzz at the officers.

Pantoon Bridge

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