Kumbh Mela’s first Shahi Snan to be held on Jan 14

This was decided in a meeting of the saints and seers of the 13 Akharas with the administration held under the chairmanship of divisional commissioner Divesh Chaturvedi.

The first Shahi Snan of the Kumbh Mela-2013 would be held on January 14,2013 ( Makar Sakaranti). The second Shahi Snan would be held on February 10,2013 ( Mauni Amavasya), while the third Shahi Snan would be on February 15 ( Basant Panchami).

Addressing the meeting, divisional commissioner Divesh Chaturvedi sought the co-operation of saints and seers of the various Akharas for making the Mahahakumbh a grand success. He said that crores of people are expected to come to the Kumbh Mela. Various seers of the Akharas who participated in the meeting suggested that officers of all the departments involved in making mela preparations should ensure that arrangements for all the works should be completed before the start of the Mahakumbh. This would ensure that pilgrims thronging the Kumbh Mela should not face any problem.

The seers of the akaharas urged the mela administration to ensure proper infrastructure for the pilgrims, which include making arrangements of electricity, water supply and proper cleanliness. Further, arrangements of food and security should be provided to them. They also urged that it should be ensured that all the arrangements have been completed before the arrival of the various Akharas in the mela area.

The divisional commissioner assured that the various suggestions that have been given by the Akharas would be looked into and all the problems would be solved. He said that efforts would be made for completing all the works before the onset of Mahakumbh. The seers also alerted the administration for making the river Ganga pollution free and more water should be released into the river. "Arrangements should be made that the sewer water does not fall into the river. It should be ensured that pilgrims do not face any kind of problem and proper arrangements of resting of the pilgrims should be made during the night," they said. During the meeting, SSP of Kumbh Mela informed that during the mela police would behave courteously the pilgrims and in this connection. Training is also being imparted to them. However, the tough ones would be severely dealt and no compromise on the security of the pilgrims would be made. He assured the seers and saints that proper arrangements of security would be provided to the pilgrims.

District magistrate Anil Kumar informed that full coordination of the district administration with the mela administration would be made, so that proper facilities could be provided to the pilgrims. During the meeting, district magistrate Anil Kumar, SSP Kumbh Mela Mohit Agarwal, SSP Allahabad Naveen Arora, Mela officer Mani Prasad Mishra, saints and seers of the 13 Akharas were present. 

Sant's are Going to Shahi-Snan

Sant's are Going to Shahi-Snan

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