Paper, cotton bags for Kumbh Mela pilgrims

To keep the Kumbh Mela area free from polythene, a team constituted by the Mela authorities is conducting a mass awareness campaign in different parts of the city.
Post warden, civil defence, Rajendra Tiwari said, "We are organising seminars where we are asking the people to prepare two cotton bags in every household which in turn would be distributed free to pilgrims coming to the Kumbh Mela. Besides cotton bags, the civil defence volunteers would also hand over paperbags to visitors and tourists so keep the Mela area polythene-free.
The team is receiving encouraging response from both the seers and public. The chief priest of Alopi Shankari temple Digambar Narendra Puri has donated 300 cotton bags for distribution among pilgrims.
An Allahapur-based trader is distributing pamphlets and leaflets among customers to spreadawareness about the ill-effects of using polythene.
The laying of pontoon bridges will start by October 20 this year. and thereafter went to the store of PWD in Mela area where he inspected the iron sleepers which would be laid on the river bank area.

Curtsy by : Times of India.

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