Would not be easy to relinquishment

The priests is being hurt by the Moral and economic blame. The general population is low in reverence of saints, the problem is more in Akhara. So the council of Akhara parishad start individual inquiry of the concerned people who is going to take relinquishment. The moral, social and knowledge will be tested, it will live up to her retirement to his life. For those who have expressed their desire to retire in Kumbh 2013 investigation has just begun. Radhe Ma Mahamandleshwar issue is hurting enough to Council of Akhara Parishad. Many saint already have reached the dignity of his retirement from wrong actions. According to Swami Hari Chatany Brahmchari, anyone can take the relinquishment, but that everyone should follow the prescribed procedure. The spokesman of Council of Akhara Parishad Mahant Durgadas says, We will strictly follow the process it now, to relinquishment at the meet

Will Examine The Relinquishment

Where the person came from his retirement. What is the cause of his retirement, his family background, do not have a criminal history, school has many social and moral is not to blame.

Increasing numbers situation deteriorated

Some time in Akhara - increasing numbers are falling over each other. For this reason he will not try to learn the history of his retirement, the wrong people come into contact with them, which can cause further disrepute.  

This is the process of renunciation

Relinquishment in Kumbha and Ardhakumbh is more important. Retired person has to be a three-day fast. Very first day he takes only water, second day milk and third day fruits etc. During this time he start reding Brahmsutra, Panchdashi and Upnishad and as well as he has to complete 24 Lakhs Gaytri Mantra Jap.While Naga Saints just take fast and make note of your adorable.  After completion of fast, he takes tonsure (Kshurkarm)tonsure is left in it's peak with hair, then he makes himself Pind Dan, so no other's do this. After this Vijyahawan takes, Through it he takes determination to distance themselves from each good work (Shubkarm). At the end Acharya Mahamandleshwar cut his peak's of hair from his head and give him a new cloth and name, according to his wisdom responsibility given.

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